About Us

Thanks for your interest in Pet Pick-Ups.

Pet Pick-Ups was founded in 1993 by two like-minded entrepreneurial women who wanted to offer dog owners a quick, easy and affordable way to clean up after their pets in public places and in their own neighborhoods. Responding to the fast-growing problem of animal waste and with the support of various local parks and recreation centers, our young company introduced our first dark green bags.

Colorado based Pet Pick-Ups is proud to see our products in use across the country. Municipalities and Home Owners Associations that have installed Pet Pick-Ups dispenser systems report a decrease in public complaints and an increasing awareness among their population of pet owners as to the responsibility of picking up after their dogs.

Pet Pick-Ups is a member of Co-op America Business Network and is listed in the association’s National Green Pages Directory. To maintain a standing in the network a company must demonstrate that it treats its customers, employees and the earth in a socially responsible manner.

Furthering our commitment to finding the best solutions, we have expanded our product line to more fully meet the expanding needs of municipalities.  We now feature bags in 3 different formulations: reprocessed industrial plastic with a proprietary blend of polyethylene, limestone, and our latest bag formulation, made from a biopolymer created from corn and potato starches, this bag meets all ASTM D6400 composting standards for use only in areas where composting facilities exist.   (Disclaimer:  With regard to the Pet Pick-Ups Bags That Meet the ASTM D6400 Standards, we cannot warrant that our products meet each and every rule and standard of varying governmental entities.  Regarding compostable products, please note that appropriate commercial compost facilities may not exist in your area.  Please check with your local city and government for a list of compost facilities near you.)

In 2010, Pet Pick-Ups partnered with Smithsonian Award Winning Designer Michael McCoy to create our Modern Dog Disposal System, the perfect compliment to our widely popular Nature Dog Disposal System.  The Modern Dog is designed for use in contemporary public spaces where maintaining a streamlined aesthetic is a must.

In keeping with our commitment to animals, their owners and the community, Pet Pick-Ups makes contributions to animal welfare organizations that provide food, shelter and medical care for animals in need.

Pet Pick-Ups encourages people to be considerate of others and the environment. It is the responsible thing to doo.